Going Green

Worried about the increasing number of municipalities coming under bag ban ordinances? Don’t worry, we have 40% PCW paper and reusable, thick plastic bags to meet those ordinances head on.

Why Go Green?

Each of us has to start somewhere – it is too important not to. Utilizing recycled content materials in packaging will reduce how many trees and how much petroleum our society consumes annually. Environmental stewardship at the corporate and consumer levels is a responsibility we all share.

What Eco-Friendly papers does The Pack America offer?

From 40% post consumer waste (PCW) papers to FSC papers, The Pack America has the US ordinances covered. We have white Kraft, flipside and C2S paper all offering 40%+ PCW content. Don’t want to use tree paper at all? Ask about our stone paper options.

Is Pack America Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified?

Yes, our plants are FSC certified gladly offering quality FSC paper.

How can plastic bags be more Eco-Friendly?

Current technology allows poly bags to be made with a variety of environmentally responsible materials. Whether it is a fully biodegradable resin mix or using less virgin resin while adding calcium carbonate to the mix, companies can demonstrate to their consumer base that conscientious forethought has gone into the making of the plastic bags.

How do Reusable Bags figure in the mix?

Reusable bags are a popular choice for those companies that want to offer their customers bag options that feature longer life spans. Pack America offers a diverse array of bags created from natural fiber materials such as cotton, hemp, bamboo and jute. Reusable bags are made from fully sustainable natural materials fully conveying Eco-Responsible marketing messages.

Also, for more cost-conscious projects, ask about our 25% recycled non-woven polypropylene (NWPP) bags or recycled PET (R-PET) bags made out of recycled plastic bottles.

What is “The Pack Forest Fund”?

“The Pack Forest Fund" is a forest conservation project that we are working on in cooperation with the non-profit organization “Eco Future Fund”. The project is funded by our donation of 0.5% of the proceeds from sales of products made from eco-friendly materials such as tree-free papers.